Rabbi Dovid Steigman, The Senior Rabbinic Coordinator For OK Kosher

OK Kosher joins the Steigman Family and the world of kashrus in mourning the sudden passing of Rabbi Dovid Steigman, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher, while traveling in Italy for kashrus inspections. Rabbi Dovid Steigman was a man of unparalleled character and knowledge. He had mesiras nefesh for kashrus, no matter what the personal cost. He was a world renowned expert in all areas of kashrus, especially shechita and alcohol productions. Rabbi Steigman worked at OK Kosher for close to 40 years and was respected and loved by all who knew him and had the honor of having him as a colleague, both kashrus professionals and employees of certified companies. The loss of Rabbi Steigman leaves an unfillable void at OK Kosher.