Two professionals working on laptop and writing on paper, dealing with presumably confidential information, such as what OK Kosher clients manage regularly.

You can trust OK Kosher to keep your information safe, confidential and secure.

At OK Kosher, confidentiality and security is of prime importance to us.  That’s because we understand that companies of all sizes build their reputation around their proprietary formulas, innovative processes, and relationships with manufacturers, private labels, and distributors.  Being that kosher is a values-based certification, your trust and confidence will always be our main focus.  Without it, we wouldn’t be able to run the world-class kosher programs we’re known for.  Therefore, be assured that when you work with OK Kosher, your data is secure, well-managed and confidential.  This will be the case on all levels of the application process and throughout your certification program.  This means we’ll never compromise your company’s secure information, as it’s just as important to us as it is to you.

With the world’s best service, the OK Kosher Confidentiality Promise, and the OK Kosher symbol on your side, your customers will also feel secure placing their trust in your products.

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