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How to get kosher certified.

We’ve developed a streamlined kosher certification procedure, starting with the initial application, through a visit, data submission and contract.  To certify your product or facility as kosher to orthodox standards, every ingredient and processing method must meet our kosher certification requirements. Here’s where we’ll walk you through the procedure to become kosher certified. 

How does kosher certification work?

After the initial steps are complete, your ongoing certification will consist of regular visits and, in some cases, special production visits (we’ll figure this out during your consultation or initial visit).  Together with meticulous, up-to-date ingredient and product information, we’ll work with you to maintain your products’ kosher status ongoing.  You can always add new products to your portfolio (free of charge) any time.

How long does it take to get kosher certified?

We value your time spent and put in every effort to make it as smooth and as swift as possible.  That said, the turnaround time between application and certification depends on your response time too.  We can’t allow you to start kosher production or advertising your products as kosher until your company is completely set up in our system.  Therefore , submitting the required documents on time is key to a speedy certification, so you can get up and running kosher ASAP.

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Here are the 5 steps to kosher certification.

  • 1. Application: How to get kosher certified.

    Every manufacturer has its own unique specifications and therefore, its own kosher requirements too. Your completed application will give us the basic picture we’ll need to pair you with the right Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) from our team of experts, for your particular type of manufacturing.  The process for becoming kosher certified will partially depend on this information.  If you’re a restaurant, caterer or transport company, for instance, you’ll need a different certification program than manufacturing companies.  Private label certifications are a separate process as well.

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  • 2. Consultation: Tell us about your company.

    Your assigned RC will reach out to your designated kosher contact person to hear about why you applied for kosher certification.  They’ll ask about your manufacturing process and then outline the kosher certification basics. During your consultation you will be asked what your goals and expectations are with regard to kosher. The rabbi will be able to answer any questions you have about starting and maintaining your kosher facility, and can advise you on the best decisions to make in order to operate according to kosher requirements.  This is also your company’s opportunity to ask any questions needed regarding the procedures of kosher certification.

  • 3. Your quote: How much does it cost to get kosher certification?

    At this stage in the kosher certification process, we’ll offer your company a quote in the form of an annual fee.  This usually covers your entire kosher certification package including the year-round visits.  Kosher fees aren’t based on how many products you have, or on the size of your output, but on the overall certification program you’ll need.  We’ll determine your fee based on the scope of work that’s required from us to certify your company to the highest standards in the industry.

  • 4. Initial Visit & Ingredient Data Submission

    With your go-ahead, one of our OK Kosher New Certification Specialists will walk you through the process of submitting the needed information about your raw materials and ingredients. Simultaneously, we will arrange for a visit to your facility to observe the operations. The Rabbinic Coordinator (rabbi) will make all the necessary plans and procedures to create and maintain a kosher setup for your production, with both the utmost level of kosher standards and your company’s benefit in mind. Your staff will be trained to facilitate the upkeep of your “kosher program” in the easiest way possible.

  • 5. Sign Your Kosher Agreement

    After this Initial Visit, we’ll draft and send you your official contract. It’ll include the terms and conditions required to finalize the kosher certification process and maintain your certification program.

  • Congratulations from OK Kosher!

    Upon completing the kosher certification process, your company will now be ready to receive OK Kosher certificates, granting you the right to display our registered, trademarked OK symbol on certified products and marketing materials. At this point, you will be assigned an Account Representative – your dedicated contact here at OK Kosher, who will assist you with any needs you may have pertaining to your kosher profile, on an ongoing basis.

    Your certified products will be listed in the OK Kosher Product Search, on our website, and in our various consumer media outlets.  Enjoy the exposure and recognition from having the world’s most trusted symbol available!