Choosing a Kosher Agency

In choosing a kosher agency, the relationship is built on trust, ethics, quality and professionalism. Here are some specific factors to consider when searching for kosher certification:


Ask about an agency’s knowledge of your particular market, product or service.


Can the agency problem-solve? Execution can present new challenges with each company. You want to be sure your organization can best meet your needs.


Consider the kosher agency’s acceptability among consumers and other top certification agencies.


Consider how the agency’s product profile impacts your own brand. A recognized authority such as OK Kosher will reassure you and your customers.


Avoid an agency that looks for shortcuts. If a supervising rabbi dismisses your concerns without the proper homework, we suggest looking elsewhere.

Fee structure.

Be sure you fully understand your agency’s fee structure. Also discuss any costs associated with meeting your ongoing needs.

What are the factors which determine the cost of the annual Kosher certification fee?

The concise answer is:

  1. The location of your manufacturing and packaging facilities.
  2. Whether you have a dedicated facility to these products or employ a contract manufacturer.
  3. The ingredients and processing aids used in your products.
  4. The production processes by which your products are made.

The reason we offer a free quote and analysis is that these factors are very unique for each company and Kosher laws are quite detailed and complicated in their understanding and application. We therefore, provide an analysis for each company based on its individual circumstances. At OK Kosher, we will answer any questions your company has and our rabbis and staff are highly knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

At OK Kosher, we provide:

Paperless, efficient, secure and transparent kosher certification management.

Attentive customer service through our headquarters and worldwide offices.

Real-time access to view, download and share kosher certification letters online.

We know that all of these and other factors enter into your decisions about kosher certification and we are happy to answer any questions you have.

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